I could try catching their scent.

How come math is impossible for me and easy for you guys?

@MzKatieCassidy Nothing like being eaten alive by bugs at this hour.

I’d never leave you behind.

"They’re petrified of losing each other."

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 6 favorite female characters » Belle French, Once Upon a Time
      ↳”There aren’t a lot of opportunities for women in this land to show what they can do. To see the world, to be heroes. So when you arrived, that was my chance. I always wanted to be brave. I figured, do the brave thing and bravery would follow.”

'stupid tall person'

S4 best of: Kira Yukimura.


Rumple looks at things | at Charming (3.02)

I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.


Why would someone use all this money just to kill us?

noun. a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death

There’s always hope. But not for me.